Pregnancy Essentials

I’m almost done with my second pregnancy now and they have been very different experiences! The pregnancy with my first was a breeze – I could have done it 20 times (not really lol) This time around, I was more nauseous, had worse sciatica pain, and lower immune system (I got sick with EVERYTHING!) Check out some of my pregnancy essentials that got me through the 9 long months of growing a new human!

This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links, I may earn a small commission from your purchase.


My FAVORITE type of leggings with both pregnancies have been from Fabletics, hands down! They are perfect for everyday wear & working out. They also grow with your bump, you can fold them down early on and then they fit perfectly over the bump until the end. 🙂 One more thing – they don’t get saggy in the crotch area – sorry if that sounds weird but almost ALL maternity leggings I have tried get very saggy throughout the day.

I don’t have an affiliate link, but you can save some $$ by signing up for VIP through this link and getting $40 off your first order (which makes them less than $20). You can cancel your membership later or skip each month that you don’t want to order with no restrictions. Fabletics has a lot of new choices for maternity wear, including nursing bras & tank tops!

I would also recommend the lululemon align leggings. They are a classic choice and not specifically maternity, so they can be worn whenever!

Tank Tops

This is another grow-with-you option that you can wear from early pregnancy to the day of delivery and after! They are so comfortable and so easy to layer with cardigans and sweaters.

Pregnancy Pillow vs. Knee Pillow

I used a pregnancy pillow throughout my first pregnancy and it was great! Since it wraps around your whole body, it gets difficult to turn around and get out of bed.

I opted for a knee pillow this time around and it made a HUGE difference. I slept on my normal pillow, so I didn’t have any neck pain. I could move around easier since it was just in between my knees and it helped with my sciatica pain.

Belly Lotion / Oil

I tried a few things during my first pregnancy, but didn’t find anything that I really loved! This time, I started using these two products around 30 weeks and haven’t seen any stretch marks yet. I feel like it’s inevitable to get stretch marks by the end, but this will at least keep your skin moisturized and helps prevent them. I’ll be using these after pregnancy, too!


My skin was a MESS when I was pregnant with my son – I had terrible acne in the first trimester and my skin was more oily than usual. Since any good acne cream is not allowed, I used this regularly!

During this pregnancy, my skin has been great! I didn’t use very many products other than these two:

Gua Sha – I started using it this time and I felt like it made a big difference in the inflammation of my face and neck when my hormones were starting to get wild.

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