Traveling with a Toddler

My husband and I LOVE traveling, it’s no doubt that we want to bring our kids along on the adventure. I hope that they gain a love for travel and adventure, too! When you have babies and/or toddlers, traveling is kind of hard. They get off their schedule which can lead to meltdowns, you probably know how it goes.

I found three items that make a huge difference in our travel experience.

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Portable Rocking Chair

This is super useful if your child is used to being rocked before bed. We always put our kiddo down in his crib before he’s asleep but it’s nice to have a place to read and continue his usual routine. This is a larger item to take along but collapses to be flat and loads into a truck or SUV pretty easily.

I got this one at Sam’s Club and it’s currently sold out, so I linked some options from Amazon.

Hatch & Travel Case

The Hatch has been one of our MOST used products starting from day one. We take it everywhere we go to have the consistent sound that he’s used to. The travel case makes it easier to pack without fear of anything getting damaged (I would cry).

There is also a mini hatch that would be great for travel!

The Holy Grail – Renting a Full Size Crib

This was our first time renting a crib, but it was SO worth it!! We usually bring a pack and play, but my little one hates it! It’s a pretty hard surface and he’s getting too long for it to be comfortable.

We stayed there for 3 nights and it was the best 3 nights away from home that I think we’ve ever experienced. The process to rent is super simple, too! You search the area that you will be staying in and see if anyone rents the type of gear that you need – cribs, car seats, toys, sound machines, monitors, etc.

Click the image below to see what kind of gear is available for your next travel adventure!

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