New Baby MUST-Haves

I can’t believe it’s been ONE full year of joining the mom club! I decided to compile a list of all the most used and LOVED baby products! I am organizing them by products you will use all year, the first 6 months, and months 6-12.

This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something, I may earn a commission from your purchase. This is at no additional cost to you.

If you plan to breastfeed or pump — check to see if you qualify for a free breast pump through your insurance!! I got the Spectra S2 for free and they even sent free pump parts every couple of months.

All Year

Hatch Baby

This is one of MOST used and loved products! I didn’t realize the power of a good sound machine until we had a baby… then I realized again when he started sleeping in his own room and took the Hatch with him! It has a lot of different options that fit your baby and grows with them. We used the pink white noise setting for sleep because I think it’s most like the womb (who knows!) and he does well with it.

Jogging stroller

Having a jogging stroller is amazing! We have a trail near our house and it’s so nice to be able to take the jogging stroller out and get some fresh air. You don’t want to ruin your regular stroller for the mall, either!

Nose FRida

OK.. we had a (cheaper) knock-off at first and lost a piece of it. I got the Nose Frida next to compare and it is SO much better! You wouldn’t think that sucking boogers out of your child’s nose is satisfying until you see what you can get out! Sorry, that’s gross, but it’s true.


This is one thing that I didn’t know about until my baby was 9 months, but wish I had! It’s a toy subscription that is tailored to your baby’s developmental stage. They are high quality toys and the box comes with a guide on how to use the toys with your little one. It’s worth the price!

The Play Kits by Lovevery

0-6 Months


The Halo Sleep Swaddles are MAGICAL! Sleep is a rare gem during these months so having a good swaddle is a MUST-have. We had a bigger baby (10 lbs!) so he could get out of other swaddles super easily, but these kept him nice and cozy!

GOOD Burp Cloths

We had a “Happy Spitter” meaning that he spit up ALL the time but he wasn’t upset by it. This was a good thing that he didn’t need medicine or anything, but also quite annoying to clean up spit-up every 3 hours of your day. These burp cloths are the best!

Extra Car Seat Base

We got the Graco Modes Travel System. You can buy an extra car seat base to put in a second vehicle. Having a base in both vehicles is great, especially if you and your husband take turns with pick-up and drop-off for daycare.

Car SEat Cover

I had a newborn before COVID and still covered him up every where I went the first few months. Get a cover that is multi-functional – this one works as a nursing cover, too! Copper and Pearl is a small shop that has some really cute covers also.

6-12 Months


We had so much fun with the walker! He loved rolling around the house and having his own freedom! I liked the snack version because we were able to give him snacks or stick toys to it for him to play with.


We were able to sit him in this one a little earlier than 6 months but he LOVED jumping around. There are so many fun things to play with and I really liked the option for him to reach. Some of the other bouncers that I looked at either didn’t have a true “bounce” suspension or they didn’t have anything above the baby to reach up for or look at.

Transition Car seat

As some of you know, we have a big boy! He just about met the height limit for the infant car seat than the weight, which we didn’t expect. Also, you will soon find out that carrying your big baby around in the infant car seat can get pretty heavy. We decided to move him up to the big boy car seat (still rear facing) at about 10 months. It has so much support and it’s so soft! My husband has the black version in his truck and I have the silver one.


Once we realized he was able to pull himself out of the Joovy Walker, we put that guy away and introduced this push walker. He was more interested in the games and sounds at first but started walking around with it shortly after. He loves the independence!


Having books around and reading to your children at an early age helps them gain early literacy. They are able to learn how to turn pages, which way to hold the book, etc. Some of our favorites were the touch and feel books and the interactive book that reads the word/picture out loud.

Baby-LED Weaning Utensils

Check out my blog post about feeding littles. There’s some great products that are super helpful when transitioning to solids.

I hope these items are helpful for you as well. Please share this with a new mom, these are registry must-haves!

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