DIY Balloon Garland

I went to Dollar Tree the other day with hopes of finding some fun Halloween decor or something I could DIY.

I spent $5 for the materials and am pretty impressed on how my first balloon garland came out! I think it would be nice to have a company do this for you if you’re having a big event but heck – the hardest part is getting it to stay on your wall. I’ll walk you through the super simple steps to creating your own balloon garland.

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  • Balloons (Colors of you choice)
  • Balloon Arch Strip
  • Balloon Glue
  • String or Command Strips

Blow Up Balloons

First thing is to blow up the balloons. You can blow them up yourself or use a balloon pump. We used our air compressor! Lol You don’t need helium if you are going to stick the garland to a surface.

Assemble Balloons

Choose your design! Layout your balloons or have an idea of the pattern you would like to do. Next, you’ll use the Baloon Arch Strip and place one baloon every 2 spaces, this allows you to fill in more balloons later.

Attach Garland to Wall

Next is the tricky part! The best way to keep it up for more than an hour is to anchor the ends and the middle, if possible! Do this by tying a string connecting the balloon arch strip and the anchor (nail, hook, shelf bracket, window hardware, etc.) together!


Finally, use the Balloon Glue dots to style and adjust your balloon garland the way you like. If you get a glue dot on the balloon and try to peel it off, your balloon may pop! Add in smaller balloons and objects (like spiders) for filler.

If you try out this $5 balllon garland DIY, let me know by tagging me @hords_at_home on Instagram!

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