Out with the Scrapbook, in with the Chatbook

I have always LOVED scrapbooks! I used to make them a lot when I was in middle and high school. When I became a mama and life got busy, I found the perfect solution to getting my “scrapbooks” without the time and materials that it takes to make them.

The solution is Chatbooks! The app and website are so easy to use. I love being able to quickly upload my pictures, organize them (usually chronologically), and add the date and a caption about what was going on. It captures all my favorite memories in little books that look perfect on my coffee table.

They are a great conversation starter and gift for loved ones and friends! My Mother-In-Law was at our house the other day and saw our Chatbooks, she was looking through one of the trips that we took together and was excited to talk about the memories from that trip.

If you are interested in adding these sweet books to your home, click HERE to get your first book free ($10 value). You can also use the code ToryHord8h7.

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